Safety Training for Business (Three Courses, One Day training)

Three Safety Courses in One Day Safety Training

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Healthy and Safety Courses Included:

First Aid Training
Manual Handling Training
Fire Safety Training

Only £795 (plus VAT)

Safety Training includes Certificates of attendance for all courses included.

Each of these safety courses are two hours in length covering the main topics of each subject. Seven hours of training in total including breaks.

ABC WorkSafe will deliver basic Safety at Work training courses for your management and staff in just one day, covering the three disciplines of Fire Safety, correct Manual Handling and essential First Aid training.

Our Fire Safety Awareness Course is useful for all staff, particularly those with Fire Warden or Fire Marshall responsibilities. It covers basic fire safety principles for the workplace, helps staff to identify fire hazards, understand fire development and evacuation procedures and covers the selection and use of fire extinguishers.

The Manual Handling Training Course is designed to create awareness of the risks when incorrectly carrying out or supervising manual handling activities. Participants will be able to understand risks and avoid work-related injury.

Basic First Aid knowledge is essential, at work, at home, everywhere. Our First Aid training session will include subjects that will cover emergency response skills, such as CPR, what to do and what not to do to treat a patient whilst waiting for medical services to arrive. (This part of the course is always well received as people realise that they can potentially save a life.)

These three training courses have been put together as a one-day training course for busy companies with time constraints or limited resources. Each session is two hours (a 7 hour day, including breaks) for just £795+VAT for a maximum of 12 people per session, including training course manuals and training certificates for all courses.

If required, each safety training session can include a different selection of people; a total of 36 attendees sharing safety skills which works out to only £22 per certificated person.

More detailed health and safety training courses are available and bespoke safety training courses can be provided as required.

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