The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) recently issued a Safety Alert regarding Telefunken HR1 & FA1 automatic external defibrillators, pads and batteries.  

These are no longer certified for use in the UK.  If you have one in your workplace please act immediately on the instructions provided by the MHRA. For full details go to: alerts.

The manufacturer of these defibrillators, Defiteq International B.V. looks to be uncontactable and appears to have ceased trading.

Placing a defibrillator in your workplace is important. It can save lives.

As there are many different types of defibrillator on the market, we would be pleased to offer you assistance with regard to replacing, updating or installing this important piece of first aid equipment in your workplace. Please call Paul Lane at ABC Worksafe on 07876 684204 or email

If you are also looking for first aid training for your staff please ask us about our comprehensive range of courses.

Defibrillator Safety Alert