Infection Prevention and Control Course Three Hours

Training course description

A 3-hour Infection Prevention and Control training course designed for those who are involved in any client care, to ensure that they are aware of the principles of infection control and best practice in relation to Infection Prevention and Control.

Who is the course suitable for?

Everyone who is directly involved in any client care within their work to prevent and control infection.

What you will learn on this training course

Successful completion of this infection prevention and control course will enable participants to look carefully at their own work activities and ensure that they are minimising the risk of infection both to their clients as well as to themselves.

Infection Prevention Training CourseLearning outcomes

  • Why infection control is important
  • The types of infection
  • The bodies own mechanism to fight infection
  • The chain of infection
  • How to prevent and control infection, including effective hand-washing
  • Safe practice procedures
  • Legislation and guidance
Infection Control Course Assessment and Certification
Certification is dependent on successful continuous assessment of the student throughout the infection control training.

This infection control course should be refreshed every year.


3 hours

Cost of Infection Prevention and Control Training

Up to 12 people £350 plus VAT
All costs are fully inclusive of:
Onsite delivery, travel, infection prevention and control training course materials and certification.
We work with each client individually so please let us know if you have any specific infection prevention and control course requirements prior to training.

Updated October 2023

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