Our Customer: PHLORUM

How did you find the booking process?

The course booking process was fantastic, it was a very quick and easy process and Paul Lane was very friendly, helpful and understanding as we were not sure how many of us could do the course, and it was not a problem at all to let him know nearer the date. He also made time to come and visit us to ensure we were happy with everything and that we had the space available to do the course.

Why was this particular course necessary/of value to Phlorum?

In order to apply for a CSCS card, we need to pass a CITB Touch Screen Test and pass the ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness course. This is a requirement for ecologists who are applying for a CSCS card.

A lot of our site work is before a development begins; however, there are a lot of projects that require us to go to construction sites where a CSCS card is mandatory. Recently, we have been on a site carrying out an ecological watching brief for the top soil removal by Archaeologists. This is to ensure that there are no reptiles or amphibians and if there were, to safely translocate them to our receptor site. We also became excellent field mice catchers as well! This course ensures that we are aware of any health and safety on site, but also in the office as well.

Did the course meet and/or exceed expectations?

This course exceeded our expectations, it was very thorough and really made you think about how to stay safe. The teaching was professional and fun and our instructor was easy to relate to and all questions were answered with case studies or personal experiences.

What most pleased/impressed you about this course and/or ABC Worksafe?

The teaching of the course was excellent; we were also pleasantly surprised that ABC Worksafe travelled to our office! This was an added bonus as it was easier for us to all be learning in our office and saved travel costs too.

Why would you recommend this course and/or ABC Worksafe to another organisation?

We would highly recommend this course and ABC Worksafe, they delivered excellent training and issued our certificates very quickly. They saved us having to make travel arrangements as they came to our offices, provided all material to learn and to prepare us for the examination to pass this course.

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